Greg Selkoe, a 39 year old CEO, with a lovely wife and two kids, son Rydel (4 years old) and the newest edition Bixie (6 months) live in Boston, and are the epitome of the all American nuclear family. What sets Greg apart is his contribution to the culture of Art.

In 2002, in Jamaica Plains, NJ in his parents basement he started a company called Karmaloop. The name was as original then as it is today, Which he said was a collaboration, after a friend at the time (Adrian O’Conner) had showed him an image related to the study of sacred geometry. A college graduate, and self described artist he took a chance and it paid off, handsomely.

Currently, Karmaloop has an email list of almost 1 million, with 100,000 member global affiliate market. If that isn’t impressive, perhaps the fact that after 15 years, Greg still lives and breathes his company. In fact his commute is about 45 seconds because he lives right next door to the office. And a typical day starts at 8am and runs until 8pm!

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