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Brandon Kneefel

Spiritual Counselor | Claircognizant Healer | T.V. Personality | Producer thats a lot of hats! Tell us in what order do you practice these positions and what do you find most fulfilling ? 

The spiritual counselor aspect was a multi-year program I did and underscores a lot of my work. As a TV personality, this comes and goes with various opportunities having been on several shows and specials. As a claircognizant healer (combined with my spiritual counseling), this is my day-to-day work. And with my experience in writing, entertainment and community organizing with niche populations, I often get to produce content and have lately been developing shows with multiple production companies.

Do you miss the attention/ energy of LOGO’s “Finding Prince Charming” or did this unbalance your spiritual program ?

The attention segued into the work I do. I had enough time on the show to constantly center myself and I had the most amazing time. Since then, many followers have traveled with me on my spiritual journey which has strengthened it further.

Does addiction  make you more sensitive or in-tuned to others strengths / weaknesses ? Do you need a gateway to access / heal peoples spiritual injury ?

Addicts in general feel more than most people. The key is getting into recovery in order to displace the anxiety of taking on other’s emotions from your body to a higher power. Addicts are extremely perceptive and often in our experiences, we see things that others do not.

I use my higher power to channel energy and information in order to help someone. Ultimately, though, it’s up to the client to recognize the truth of their ailment. Much of my work begins with a client needing a reading and physical healing and it always comes back to the Spirit. All sickness is created and recognized in the mind and thus when we heal our conscious and subconscious beliefs around our worth and what we deserve, we can heal the rest.


How does your extrasensory perception appear to you … Does this happen automatically, can it disrupt your serenity ?

I call myself a clairomnient (a term I made up, LOL), which means I access information through all my senses and knowing. I see images, hear information, receive knowledge from out of nowhere and have sensations in my body. I can even taste and smell illness in others much of the time.

My claircognizance (clear knowing) happens automatically. For instance, I am a BS detector and often know things I wouldn’t otherwise know. As I am writing this I randomly asked my roommate if he felt an earthquake (I didn’t feel one nor was there one that was actually detected) but something in me said that he felt like one had just occurred. It didn’t. But I got the hit that he might have thought one did.

My other clear senses or “clairs” are only “on” when I will them to be. I have a technique for tuning in which allows me to read people and situations accurately. For many psychic mediums this is not the case and they get overwhelmed by unwanted info or visits.

brandon01What is the most common block for people struggling with their true purpose / goal ?

The major block for people not finding their purpose is in them not believing that they could truly fulfill that purpose and lacking the self worth to travel a road no one has gone down before. As our true purpose is an individual assignment, and by definition, does not come with a handbook. This is all due to not acknowledging one’s true values. When we aren’t in alignment with our values, it’s like trying to find your way out of a jungle without a map.

Who are you favorite Divine entities, do you have long standing relationships with entities that you use in your practice ?

I call upon my higher power which, to me, is God. I also have spirit guides that assist me. Kuan Yin, a Chinese diety, is the only statue I currently have. She reached enlightenment and on her way to Nirvana, she heard the cries of humanity and instead of completing her ascension to Buddhahood she chose to come back to earth to help heal those still lost and suffering. She is the diety of unconditional love, mercy, and selflessness.


Brandon Kneefel
Social: @brandonkneefel

Perfect Glowing Skin in 5 Steps: Pearl Whitening Complex



O Skin Med Spa’s,  Olivia Quido’s money is on a new formula like none other  

SECRET PEARL Whitening & Anti-aging Complex

not your mother’s whitening cream.


Quido, credits her love for skincare to her childhood problems with acne and here walks us through her new creation.

” I would use it to buy skincare products like lotion and powder. I was also inspired by the way my Mom would always look neat, pretty and polished. She is my first role model when it comes to personal hygiene and ‘personal beautification.’ When I was growing up, my face was covered with acne. It was almost like there’s not a spot on my face that has no pimple in it. I had facials and pimple extraction done to fix the problem, so it eventually subsided. However, the treatment left some skin discoloration.

My face had yellowish patches and while the treatment solved the acne problem, the “skin imperfections”
were still visible. And that’s when I thought to myself – what if there’s a product or treatment
that doesn’t leave any scar or traces of acne? What if we can have a solution to acne that will
leave us with a flawless face and an even skin tone? These questions got me thinking and I
believe that that was one of the first moments that I felt really determined to someday find a
solution and come up with products that would yield the kind of results that I envisioned.”

5 Steps to the Ultimate Glowing Skin

  1. Milk Cleanser
  2. Toner
  3. Vitamin C 20%
  4. SPF 50 Sunblock, UV Defense
  5. O Skin Med’s Spa  most popular, “The Secret Collection” which are: Secret Radiance, Secret Gold, Secret Glow and the Secret Pearl.

FAME US Q&A. with Hollywood Aesthetician O Skin Med Spa’s  Olivia Quidomoney


1. Tell us about the Ultimate Glow Collection. How was this developed?

The Ultimate Glow Collection puts all of O Skin’s most popular, most effective head-to-toe
skincare products in one collection for a fabulously flawless and radiantly healthy skin. It
consists of our milk cleanser, toner, Vitamin C 20%, SPF 50 Sunblock, UV Defense and our most
popular, “The Secret Collection” which are: Secret Radiance, Secret Gold, Secret Glow and the
Secret Pearl.
The story of how this was developed started when I noticed that most of our clients suffer from
Melasma pigmentation, discoloration and brown spots… It was quite a revelation to me
because when I was still in esthetics school, everything is theoretical but once I stepped into the
real world (and encounter different clients), I became exposed to all sorts of skin problems. Out
of all these skin conditions, 80% accounts for skin discoloration problem.
To help my clients then, I would actually buy (and sell them) every product in the market (that I
learn about) that could possibly solve the skin discoloration issue, but all of them just don’t
seem to cut it. Either it fixed one part of the issue and or it temporarily removed some
discoloration but not all.
Because of this, I was challenged to look for a solution that would give me the results that I
wanted – a solution that contains all the ingredients needed to remove the discoloration
permanently and not just a part of it. As an esthetician, I took it my due diligence to research
further and not stop until I find this product.
One night I prayed and ask the Lord for wisdom. The next day I knew exactly what I needed. The
Lord planted what kind of ingredients (and how much) is needed to build the perfect solution to
skin discoloration. After getting it formulated at pharmaceutical company, I had 10 of my clients
test the prototypes, and all ten of them came back to me asking what’s in the product we gave
them coz it worked wonders on their skin.
Now, our goal is to get this product to other dermatologists and skincare professionals around
the US so we could reach more people and help them.

2. What is the best way to exfoliate and how often should you get a facial?

Facials should be done every month since we shed dead skin cells every 28 days. The key to
having glowing skin is Exfoliation. If you can, I suggest you get a diamond peel facial but if you
don’t have access to facials, you may do a manual scrub. Just make sure it’s oil-free, otherwise
you’d risk having acne problems.

3. Sun Screen is so important, why is this still being overlooked? How can we correct this?

I think it’s because we grew up unaware of the harmful effects of the Sun’s UV rays and we
were not informed of the necessities and benefits of using sunblock or sunscreen products. The
best way to rectify this, is by being well informed. If people are aware, they won’t think twice of
putting on sunscreen when they go outside.

4. Dermaplaning, Microneedling and Microdermabrasion should all find their way into our skin care regimens? Which do you use and think is most effective.

All of them are effective and good for your skin. Each should be part of your skincare regimen
one way or another. However, it also depends on your lifestyle and your goals. Like for me,
I prefer Dermaplaning over Microneedling and Microdermabrasion because I can have
Dermaplaning today and I would look glowing the next day. It’s what I would recommend if you
need to look fresh for an event but you don’t have enough time to get procedures done and
wait for downtime. Microneedling and Microdermabrasion have some downtime. Dermplaning
works for me because it’s a tool you can take home with you and has no downtime.

5. Tell us about the O Skin Signature Facial, Oxygen Facial and Whitening Facial. Which is O Skin Med Spa’s most sought after treatment?

The O Skin Signature Facial includes diamond peel, extractions and facial and threading from
head to toe. It calms all redness while lightening, whitening and tightening your skin. It’s perfect
for all skin types.
The Oxygen Facial involves pure oxygen in conjunction with vitamins and minerals, used to
nourish and revitalize your skin. This unique treatment program uses 87 different vitamins,
minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and 100% pure medical oxygen gas. Infusing skin with moisture
to revitalize every skin cell after exfoliating. It helps control acne-causing bacteria as well as
strengthening collagen.
Luxury Whitening Facial is highly-effective and includes a botanical enzymatic mask formulated
to lighten skin, activate cellular function, increase circulation and fade discoloration. It’s perfect
for blemished acne skin and excellent for soothing many skin conditions. Treatment includes
the O Skin Med Spa signature “diamond tip” microdermabrasion, extractions and facial and
brow threading.
Our most sought after treatment is our recently launched, “Ultimate Facial” which is a head-to-
toe pampering experience that involves the use of every machine (from Midcrodermabrasion,
AquaJet, Light therapy, etc) and tool we have to exfoliate, hydrate, oxygenate, and nourish skin
and leave you “glowing” from your face down to your feet.

6. Where do you see the future of anti-aging /skincare? What will be O Skin Med Spa’s biggest change in the coming years?

I can see that the anti-aging/skincare industry would boom. People pay a lot of money to
suppress aging signs and that’s enough indication that this industry is bound to stay for the long
God-willing, O Skin Med Spa will be supplying skincare products to doctors and medical
professionals in the coming years. It has been our biggest and ultimate dream because we
believe it would help so many people and is going to change the course of skin discoloration
treatment for the better.

7. What is your skincare philosophy?

“You are your MOST beautiful when you have good skin.”



Ariana Grande – 7rings

“7 Rings” debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. It became Grande’s second number one single, where it spent 8 non-consecutive weeks at number one, becoming her longest running number one single to date. The song also topped the charts in several other countries including Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, and reached the top 10 in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Lebanon, Mexico, the Netherlands and Spain.

The video begins with and intro and pink undertone, outside a house that involved other sounds such as police sirens and helicopters, while at the same time showing many women posing on cars and caressing each other. Then it shows the title saying “7 Rings.”  The song then begins with Grande outside showing a far shot showing Grande and many other women, which then transitions to Grande in the kitchen with added pink LED lights around her. She is shown wearing jewellery around her neck, ears and some on her hair. She also sports pink hair extensions.

Sunwook Anti Aging Center

Aging is a natural process that some people find difficult to accept. But it is an inevitable phenomenon. What we can hope for as we age is to look and feel younger. Many think that that’s not possible, but there is one way to get a rejuvenated body and mind–acupuncture.

Acupuncture has been practiced for centuries. It is a component of traditional Chinese medicine that helps to cure headaches, pain and nausea. When performed by licensed acupuncturists, acupuncture naturally makes the skin look younger, smoother and healthier. If you have sun spots, wrinkles or eye bags, this treatment will help eliminate those as well. Acupuncture achieves positive results by reducing redness, regulating patients’ hormones and stimulating collagen production.

Traditional acupuncture has been extended to include popular cosmetic treatments. In addition to acupuncture’s skin-care benefits, it is also helpful in treating pain, digestive issues, sleeping problems, weight gain and more. Acupuncture is a natural way of dealing with aging. It is an anti-aging treatment, but it doesn’t have any of the risks or side effects of invasive cosmetic procedures.

To help you age in a more balanced, healthy and vibrant manner, we have established a skin-care center just 10 minutes away from downtown Los Angeles. How do we intend to give you resplendent skin? With aesthetic treatments based on cosmetic acupuncture.



The Lion King

Disney’s upcoming film journeys to the African savanna where a future king is born. Simba idolizes his father, King Mufasa, and takes to heart his own royal destiny. But not everyone in the kingdom celebrates the new cub’s arrival. Scar, Mufasa’s brother—and former heir to the throne—has plans of his own. The battle for Pride Rock is ravaged with betrayal, tragedy and drama, ultimately resulting in Simba’s exile. With help from a curious pair of newfound friends, Simba will have to figure out how to grow up and take back what is rightfully his. The all-star cast includes Donald Glover as Simba, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter as Nala, James Earl Jones as Mufasa, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar, Seth Rogen as Pumbaa and Billy Eichner as Timon, and utilizes pioneering filmmaking techniques to bring treasured characters to life in a whole new way.



Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center Delivers Anti-AgingBeauty Trifecta for Looking and Feeling Great

Cutting-Edge Center Combines Health and Cosmetic Services for
Inner and Outer Beauty












Call it the Mecca for health and beauty. Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center has all the solutions when it comes to buildinga lasting health, wellness and beauty plan. Clients don’t just pop in for a touch up to help with mirror appeal, they learn the foundations of essential health and beauty practices so they are equipped to make positive life choices that are applied to systematically erase signs of aging from the inside out. BHRC (https://bhrcenter.com/) brings a unique age management trifecta under the same roof: medical professionals, dieticians, dermatological experts, cosmetic doctors and sought-after spa treatments to offer the complete package for all beauty needs.












BHRC has seen such success delivering results that centers have spread from their home base in Los Angeles to thriving locations all across the country. There will be a Grand Reopening at the Los Angeles BHRC during the first week of August to celebrate the ingenuity of creating THE DESTINATION for looking and feeling great.

Notable treatments include their proprietary hormonereplacement therapy, advanced body contouring and skin rejuvenation, along with injectables and medical cosmetic solutions, all delivered through membership-type opportunities to enable the experts to form a comprehensive plan for each client. There’s no one-size-fits-all in the world of cosmetics. Clients have diet needs specific to their bodies, and some will utilize body contouring to remove fat without surgery. The sophistication of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy has changed the methods and capabilities of how top experts address each client’s personal approach to self care. Finding hormonal balance cannot be more important to how we look and feel as we age.

via injectablesand facials are the icing on the cake. Developing a rejuvenating plan at BHRC focuses on three important areas, known as Foundation, Fill and Finish. Develop a healthy “Foundation” through HRT that restores your body’s natural hormonal harmony. Then “Fill”with neurotoxins or injectables to soften wrinkles and create supple skin, and the “Finish” involves surface beautification with HydraFacials, medical grade chemical peels and skin-tightening or advanced body contouring.

“It’s my passion to help people learn the truth about their body’s, and to do it at the highest level of integrity, that’s why we believe in educating our clients about how they can manage the process of aging effectively,” shares Dan Holtz Co-Founder of BHRC.

So many satisfied clients continue to help BHRC master its mission of being the place to go for total transformation. There’s no longer a need to shop around for a dermatologist, dietician, cosmetic doctor and spa therapist. The team that has been built at Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Centers nationwide was created with clients in mind and continuously finds the best practices to release clients back into the world putting their best selves first.

About Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center:

Widely recognized for revolutionizing the medical spa business, Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center is a brand synonymous with wellness transformation and results-driven age management.  For over 10 years, Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center has led the pact when it comes to cutting edge technologies, pioneering a proprietary hormone replacement therapy program as well as offering a high level of service to the wellness and aesthetics industries.  The brand currently operates multiple locations in key markets including Los Angeles, Dallas, Scottsdale, Newport Beach and Las Vegas.  Find out more at www.bhrcenter.com and follow on them @BeverlyHillsRejuvenationCenter.

Ayla: The Daughter of War

Turkey has selected Can Ulkay’s debut feature Ayla: The Daughter of War as its candidate in the race for best foreign-language film in the Oscars.

Ayla is based on the true story of Kim Eun-ja and Süleyman Dilbirliği, whose real-life reunion was shown in the 2010.  In casting held in South Korea in 2016, child actress Kim Seol, who had previously played the role of Jin-ju in the popular South Korean television series Reply 1988, was chosen for the role of young Ayla. Ko Eun-min played the role of young Ayla’s mother. The film was sponsored by Turkish Airlines, with support from Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Most filming was carried out in Turkey. Filming in Turkey was completed in June 2017.