Brandon Kneefel

Spiritual Counselor | Claircognizant Healer | T.V. Personality | Producer thats a lot of hats! Tell us in what order do you practice these positions and what do you find most fulfilling ? 

The spiritual counselor aspect was a multi-year program I did and underscores a lot of my work. As a TV personality, this comes and goes with various opportunities having been on several shows and specials. As a claircognizant healer (combined with my spiritual counseling), this is my day-to-day work. And with my experience in writing, entertainment and community organizing with niche populations, I often get to produce content and have lately been developing shows with multiple production companies.

Do you miss the attention/ energy of LOGO’s “Finding Prince Charming” or did this unbalance your spiritual program ?

The attention segued into the work I do. I had enough time on the show to constantly center myself and I had the most amazing time. Since then, many followers have traveled with me on my spiritual journey which has strengthened it further.

Does addiction  make you more sensitive or in-tuned to others strengths / weaknesses ? Do you need a gateway to access / heal peoples spiritual injury ?

Addicts in general feel more than most people. The key is getting into recovery in order to displace the anxiety of taking on other’s emotions from your body to a higher power. Addicts are extremely perceptive and often in our experiences, we see things that others do not.

I use my higher power to channel energy and information in order to help someone. Ultimately, though, it’s up to the client to recognize the truth of their ailment. Much of my work begins with a client needing a reading and physical healing and it always comes back to the Spirit. All sickness is created and recognized in the mind and thus when we heal our conscious and subconscious beliefs around our worth and what we deserve, we can heal the rest.


How does your extrasensory perception appear to you … Does this happen automatically, can it disrupt your serenity ?

I call myself a clairomnient (a term I made up, LOL), which means I access information through all my senses and knowing. I see images, hear information, receive knowledge from out of nowhere and have sensations in my body. I can even taste and smell illness in others much of the time.

My claircognizance (clear knowing) happens automatically. For instance, I am a BS detector and often know things I wouldn’t otherwise know. As I am writing this I randomly asked my roommate if he felt an earthquake (I didn’t feel one nor was there one that was actually detected) but something in me said that he felt like one had just occurred. It didn’t. But I got the hit that he might have thought one did.

My other clear senses or “clairs” are only “on” when I will them to be. I have a technique for tuning in which allows me to read people and situations accurately. For many psychic mediums this is not the case and they get overwhelmed by unwanted info or visits.

brandon01What is the most common block for people struggling with their true purpose / goal ?

The major block for people not finding their purpose is in them not believing that they could truly fulfill that purpose and lacking the self worth to travel a road no one has gone down before. As our true purpose is an individual assignment, and by definition, does not come with a handbook. This is all due to not acknowledging one’s true values. When we aren’t in alignment with our values, it’s like trying to find your way out of a jungle without a map.

Who are you favorite Divine entities, do you have long standing relationships with entities that you use in your practice ?

I call upon my higher power which, to me, is God. I also have spirit guides that assist me. Kuan Yin, a Chinese diety, is the only statue I currently have. She reached enlightenment and on her way to Nirvana, she heard the cries of humanity and instead of completing her ascension to Buddhahood she chose to come back to earth to help heal those still lost and suffering. She is the diety of unconditional love, mercy, and selflessness.


Brandon Kneefel
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