D9 Family Values & Visions

D9 Reserve

There is a very large parking lot, for the D9 headquarters in Compton, CA. The environment resembles airplane hangers where adventure seekers maintain, service and shelter there prized possessions, there wings. Huge structures, with very large entrances that are numbered alphabetically, unit F is the home for D9’s collection before it is shipped out, so far globally, but they are working on access to other galaxies and species!


The office Art is enchanting and plays with colors that vibrate activity and life. There Glen”Gza”  Yun and David “Grinch”  Yoo, co-founders live and breath this lifestyle. In there shared office, there is more art to discover and appreciate, along with many swatches and product pieces that are currently in development for the newest collection Spring/2015. Gza and Grinch have been life long friends, and there journey began in the early 90’s with Seung W. Lee aka “Nick” and Sammy “Haas” Igbara,. Originally, Nick described as a visionary with independent ideology in fashion and business, was working profusely from 91’-97’ during the Shell-Toe Movement and RUN DMC days. Nick would contact larger players in the game like Tommy Hilfiger, Polo, North Face daily to get his foot in the door and score an account. He would not take no for an answer, and this determination landed him nowhere for a long time. Until, one faithful day when he sent Haas to a trade show where he had a chance to speak with Tommy Hilfiger’s brother. At that booth, he was asked by Tommy’s bro to  go over to three young attractive females attending the show, and acquire their numbers. In a nut Shell, the premise was, I’ll give you an account if you get me those girls! Tommy’s brother watched as he attempted to do exactly that, (because he was willing to do whatever it took to be noticed and given a chance). As he turned and began to walk over to the young women, he was stopped and was told that based on his initiative, he had earned a meeting at 8pm that night with Tommy Hilfiger and his team in there private suite. Thus, began the working relationship with Sammy N’ Da Boyz which included Sammy, Nick and the greater New York Region.

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