FAME’US International Film Festival (WINTER 2016) – Winners

Congratulations to our FAME’US International Film Festival – WINTER 2016 session winners !

Please note that our quarterly sessions are not an actual festival event.  Our actual red carpet event will be in December inviting back all of our quarterly winners to compete for the Best of 2016. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful films with us and we wish to have the opportunity to view your future films in the near future.


Golden Treasure (United States) Feature Film, Uranchimeg  Urtnasan

In the land of Sukhbaatar in the town of Dariganga, Mongolia a new member has arrived in champ Tseveen’s household. The family gets bigger with three girls already they add a long anticipated boy ‘Taivan’ into the family. After many years Taivan grow

Mother Tongue (Canada), Short Documentary, Md Iqbal

This is a story about a man who risked his life to save his culture, his heritage, his language. He is now grandfather to my children and like many immigrants whose children and grandchildren do not embrace or even learn their mother tongue, he is heart broken that the sacrifices made to save his language are not appreciated or understood by the younger generation.
This is a common story for many immigrants. We are lost in translation.
As a young man in Bangladesh, grandfather was working as a journalist when a group of students actively organized and resisted Pakistan ‘s attempts to force all Bengalis to speak Urdu.  This fight over the language between Bangladesh and Pakistan grew into a civil war in 1971 and 3 million people died. 
Now, more than 40 years later he is wondering what the fight was all about when his own grandchildren cannot understand him. 

ROLL NO.56 (India), Feature Film, Bhavin Trivedi

Roll No. 56 is a film based on a 12 year old kid. That kid changes school every year due to his physical problem. The fight between his parents makes him lonely and empty from inside. Because of the situation, the kid feels suffocated in his house. A

This is a big international child issue. Like in every other country, even in India, the number of missing children is huge. In India, every year, 7 lakh children go missing.

Stella, (Czech Republic), Student Film, Natt Cali 

A short student film from Czech Republic…

Suku Bali (United States), Short Documentary, Jonny Micay

9 days in Bali — the most stunning and eye-opening destination I’ve ever had the pleasure to visit. The colourful culture of the Balinese people paired with island’s breathtaking landscapes made for an unforgettable adventure.

Tenggrenska (Sweeden), Animation, Xoana Herrera

For this years edition of Daniel Savage’s Yule Log we took the opportunity to collaborate with some of our favourite artists, designer Xoana Herrera and Musical Producer Adventure Kid.

The Last Steps (United States), Short Documentary, Todd Miller

On December 7, 1972, NASA launched Apollo 17, a lunar mission crewed by Eugene Cernan, Ronald Evans and Harrison Schmitt. It would be the last time humans traveled beyond low Earth orbit, the last time man landed on another celestial body, and the last time man went to the moon. The Last Steps uses rare, heart-pounding footage and audio to retrace the record-setting mission.

The Rififi, (France), Music Vide, Alain Robak

A band (COMME DE BIEN ENTENDU) is playing, while gangsters are fighting.

Waterside (China), Student Film, Benteng Ma

A Jie, A Shui and A Jiao are three lads living in a small town. They grew up together in a small town and dropped out of school very early. They take drugs, smoke, gamble, stole and defraud. Everything remained the same until that day A Shui read a newspaper.


24 Hour Comic (United States), Feature Documentary, Milan Erceg
#Help (Hungary), Student Film, Peter Engelmann
And Then The End Shall Be (Italy), Short Documentary, Simona Calo
DIY Daisy (United States), Short Film, Briana Hansen
Enaria (Italy), Short Documentary, Irere Candelori
Grendel, (South Korea) Feature Film, Han Min Yoon
Last Beat (United States), Student Film, Paul D. Bestolarides
Last Breath (France), Feature Film, Seyed A. HOSSEINI
Right Here or Over There (France), Short Film, Pauline Mabille
Sugar (USA), Feature Film, Kimi Lee
The Art of Escape (United States), Feature Film, Ethan Paisley
The Burrow (France), Student Film, Chloé Galibert-Laîné
The Great Trumbald (United States), Short Film, Brennan Gordon McNichol
When You Leave (United Kingdom), Music Video, Jessie Hawkes


Against the Odds (United States), Feature Documentary, Emad Rahim
Any Day Now (Spain), Short Film, Albert Uria
BEaUTY (United States), Short Documentary, Marcus Siler
Buskers: Sounds of the City (United States), Short Documentary, Megan Zebrowski
Come Back (United States), Music Video, Chris Esper
Christmas Miracle (United States), Short Film, Matthew Nix
Christmas Spirit (Canada), Student Film, Kurtis Watson
Complextion (United States), Short Film, Brian McGuire
Dolce Ardor (United States), Music Video, Andrea Saenz
Driver’s Ed. (United States), Short Film, Chase Norman
Endo (United States), Student Film, Michael Price
Fallen Redemption (United States), Short Film, Matthew Sexton
Find Me (United States), Feature Film, Katarina Rue
FIRPO (Argentina), Short Film, Fernando Caneda
Halloween Baby (Canada), Music Video, Christopher Darton
Harry (France), Short Film, Charles Grammare
Heroes Manufactured (Cananda), Feature Documentary, Yaron Betan
HOPE ST (United States), Short Film, Elias Ressegatti
ID (Argentina), Short Film, Guadalupe Yepes
Inner Fear (United States), Feature Film, Spencer Brod
Inside Job (United States), Animation, Qi Deng
JonBenet Ramsey – The Truth and The Suspects (United States), Short Documentary, Shihyun Wang
Journey (Australia), Animation, Radheya Jegatheva
Killer (United States), Short Film, Rachael Blaznek
Kumal (United States), Short Film, Thirati Kulyingwattanavit
Life Now, Life Then (United States), Feature Film, John Budion
Marketed Collecting (Netherlands), Animation, Daukantė Subačių
Midnight Sonder (United Kingdom), Feature Film, Mayuren Naidoo
Mirror (United States), Student Film, Sara Eustaquio
My Flite With Andresito Spain (Feature Documentary), Chiemi Hatano
No Exceptions (United Arab Emirates), Student Film, Mood Abdoh
Once upon a dream  (Belgium), Short Film, Anthony Nion 
One Paycheck Away (United States), Short Film, Justinah McFadden
Partition Mehitzata (Israel), Short Film, Yael Rosen
Peaceful Life (France), Music Video, Sebastien Bellaval
Princess (Mexico), Short Film, Adrian Rodriguez
PROJEKT TYLER (United States), Short Documentary, AAKSHAY PARAB
Quarters (United States Short Film), David Tauchen
Red Vinyl (United States), Short Film, Armando Millan
S.A.M. (Canada), Student Film, Hector Carreon
Stay (Chile), Student Film, Andrés Gallegos
Stalk Me (United States), Student Film, Mark DiStefano
Theatre and Me’s ‘The Bully’ (United States), Feature Film, Marcus Siler
The Awakened Heart (United States), Short Documentary, Simonetta d’Italia
The Baguette (France), Short Film, Yohann Perchoc
The Bridge (United States), Short Film, Cindy Iodice
The Enchanted Cottage (United States), Feature Film, Joseph Henson
The Eye Of The Norm (Sweden), Short Film, Alfons Karabuda
The Red Oak (United States), Short Film, Dustin Ardine
The Missing Chapter (United States), Short Documentary, Kenny Loubeau
The Songs of Old Europe (United States), Feature Documentary, Volya Dzemka
The Undeniable Truth (Australia), Student Film Chris Le Roy
The Victim (United States), Short Film, Steven Lawrence
Trapped in the Trade (United States), Short Documentary, Jan Edwards
Twin Stars (Turkey), Short Film, Mehmet Tığlı
Vancouver Rhapsody (Canada) Feature Film, Betty Jiang
Writings On The Edge (Portugal), Short Film, Bernard Candey
You are You (Spain), Short Film, Carmen Gómez Peralta



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