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Greg Selkoe, a 39 year old CEO, with a lovely wife and two kids, son Rydel (4 years old) and the newest edition Bixie (6 months) live in Boston, and are the epitome of the all American nuclear family. What sets Greg apart is his contribution to the culture of Art.

In 2002, in Jamaica Plains, NJ in his parents basement he started a company called Karmaloop. The name was as original then as it is today, Which he said was a collaboration, after a friend at the time (Adrian O

“Chasing Neon”

Chasing Neon

Four months, three vehicles, my sister, her dog Buster and I, that was the Chasing Neon project. Together, with the support of 179 Kickstarter backers, we zigzagged across the United States for nearly 28,000 miles in search of vintage neon signs. The goal was simple: document more signs than I could count in various stages of restoration or disrepair, in hopes of promoting awareness, appreciation and preservation.

We started in a Winnebago I

Downtown Art Walk

Art Walk Los Angeles

What’s up for date night this week?

Dinner down the street? Boring!
Movie? Ya, could do, but maybe something outdoors would be nice for a change.
Why not mix things up with your love this time, and do something completely different.
Maybe you can even find a way to be reminded as to why you fell in love in the first place- Remember those early days, when you hung on every word that the other said, when every little smile, dimple fold, and eye crinkle was just for you?

First off, move date night from Saturday to Thursday.
Send a steamy text to your love with information about an exciting outing for the evening.
Now, put on your sexiest comfy high boots, coupled with a cute little dress and your favorite worn-in jean jacket.

Where are you headed? Well, to the Downtown Art Walk, that’s where!

Ok, well maybe that’s not you. Maybe you’re looking for something to do with the girls- something new, something different, that won’t have you dangling by your ankles attached to some bungee cord the way that good ol’ Trina wanted you all to do last week! If that’s the case, then the Downtown Art Walk will be everything you all need it to be.

On the second Thursday of each month from 6-10 pm, between 4th and 7th and Spring and Main Streets, is one of the vibiest places you can be, along with the other 25,000 monthly visitors.

If you’re on a date, imagine strolling hand in hand, snuggling up close while you check out some of the hottest new artists on the scene. Whether you’re into modern art, surrealism or photography, there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy.

Or if you’re with your crew, get all dolled up, and get ready to cruise the streets to check out all the fresh up-and-coming local artists that L.A. has to offer in between bar hopping at some of the coolest ‘it’ places to be seen.

There are a bunch of amazing galleries that are part of the Downtown Art Walk, including the Think Tank Gallery, The Hive Gallery, PYO Gallery LA, the Salon at Eastern Columbia, MOCA Grand Avenue, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, the Jennifer Main Gallery, and the Diego Cardoso Gallery, just to name a few.