Vancouver to Hollywood: A Talk With Deadpool® Stars Rob Hayter & Kyle Cassie


After its tremendous run at the international box office, Deadpool® actors Rob Hayter (Bob) and Kyle Cassie (Gavin) give us an exclusive opportunity to poke around and ask the tough questions. As evidenced by both Rob and Kyle’s involvement in Deadpool® Vancouver has been bringing a lot of dynamic and unique talent to Hollywood (including Ryan Reynolds himself). Their respective performances are both memorable and fan-favorited. With this in mind, we get a chance to delve a little further into who they really are and what they hope to accomplish.

Rob Hayter Kyle Cassie

How does it feel knowing that Deadpool® is such a big hit now?

(Rob) Honestly, I was proud to be a part of this project before it ever even hit the theatres. Working with Ryan and Tim Miller was fantastic. The stunt team that Rob Alonzo and Phil Silvera brought together was exceptional, and the way this whole project has been approached from the very start – original, timely, creatively-driven – it was totally a pleasure … Can’t say enough about the creators of this project. If it had tanked, I’d still feel the same way. These guys put their hearts into it. You can’t lose like that…

(Kyle) It’s truly amazing to see a film that’s fought so hard over many years to finally get made now break multiple box office records worldwide. It’s an honor to be a part of the one of a kind Deadpool® team.


How was it like to work with Ryan Reynolds? Are there any shades of his Van Wilder character in his actual personality?

(Kyle) Working with Reynolds was a blast. He’s a very kind and gracious human and such a ninja with his craft. I think there are indeed aspects of Van Wilder in his actual personality. Even when very focused on the work, there’d still be these hilarious moments that would escape him and keep the rest of the cast and crew on our toes and entertained.

(Rob) I don’t know about the Van Wilder thing, but Ryan Reynolds is the consummate professional; as an Actor and as a person. He was so easy to work with – generous, respectful, intelligent – it was just an absolute pleasure. The thing about doing a scene with Ryan is that all you really have to do is keep up, which is sometimes challenging ‘cause, let me tell you, this guy’s got chops. One of the things I loved about Ryan was how he supported the stunt team and their work on the film. When his double, Alex Kyshkovych, hurt his knee on set, Ryan would call Alex regularly to check in, and personally made sure that all of Alex’s medical and rehab procedures were happening as efficiently as they could. Just a class act, this guy… 100%.


During the production of the film, did you learn or takeaway anything new with regard to your respective techniques?

(Rob) As an actor, I have to say that Ryan Reynolds reminded me of the importance of enjoying the work. He was always in the moment, this guy, and you could tell that he was just so earnestly happy and grateful to be there doing what he was doing. As a stuntman, it was invigorating to watch the level of professionalism and execution that 2nd Unit Director Rob Alonzo and Stunt Coordinator Phil Silvera brought to the set. They were so efficient and well organized, and the team they brought together for this project was exceptional. This film was a real testament to a group of people who were passionate about what they were doing and genuinely cared about the project.

(Kyle) After working with the creative force that is Ryan Reynolds, I just took away that great reminder to keep as busy working and growing as much as I can as an artist and performer. I left very inspired to be a part of more big films like Deadpool® that are rooted with such creative integrity.


What did you do to prepare yourselves for your roles?

(Kyle) Well, to be honest, I often play “douchey”, dim-witted characters (AGAINST TYPE, I promise!). Haha! But yes, those are some of the most fun so it was a playground for me to adorn this kind of character in such a big movie. And… I wore ladies underwear under my overly embroidered denim.

(Rob) Really, I just approached it the same way I approach every other role. Do the work, show up ready, have fun, be professional.


The internet is clearly abuzz about your respective scenes/characters. Is there anything that you’d like to add or clear up for the fans?

(Rob) Thanks for being so cool. If it wasn’t for you, the mercy with a mouth would be MIA.

(Kyle) I’d just like to clear up one thing. For everyone out there who was wondering if my character’s underwear were also bedazzled… Well, yes they were!


How would you rank the following comic book characters – in order of interest to you – and why?

The Tick®


  1. The Tick® – Great application of satire in the superhero world.
  2. Wolverine® – Almost as badass as DEADPOOL®!
  3. Spider-Man® – Played by too many girly-men actors in the movies over the years.
  4. Hulk® – Almost too powerful like Superman®.
  5. Superman® – Too powerful

(Rob) Wolverine®, Hulk®, Spider-Man®, Superman®, & The Tick®. I can’t take The Tick® seriously. Sorry…  I think I’ve always been fascinated by reluctant superheroes, and characters that have a lot of inner turmoil, so that’s why I’d start this list from Wolverine®, and go from there. I noticed that you didn’t include Batman®… Why didn’t you include Batman®?

(F.A.M.E.’US) We didn’t include Batman® because everyone would list his character as their first choice!


Do you have any stand-out moments in your careers?

(Rob) The highlight of my career would have to be winning the Taurus World Stunt Award for “Hardest Hit” in 2010. On top of winning the award, I also got a chance to work for legendary stunt coordinator Bob Brown, Canadian Coordinator Dean Choe, and Director Chris Columbus. Pretty big stuff for a young stunt guy; I’ll never forget it…

Link: Taurus Awards

Rob Hayter (Beard)

(Kyle) I’ve been lucky enough to have been a part of some really amazing experiences in film and TV, but Deadpool® has definitely been the most stand-out so far. It’s a far smaller character than I usually play but I think we packed a fair amount of punch into those quick 5 pages.


What’s next, and what can we look forward to?

(Kyle) I just finished shooting a wonderfully-quirky and fun Horror film called Puppet Killer® that was offered to me through a good friend and super talent: Aleks Paunovic, who also led our amazing ensemble cast. The film was directed by the great Lisa Ovies and produced by the immensely talented Soska Twins who’ve built a massive brand in the genre world for being great at all things horror and film. We had so much fun on this film it’s almost criminal. Expecting a 2016 release I believe, so stay tuned!

Kyle BW

(Rob) I’ve have this teeny little part on this really cool SyFy® project called Van Helsing®. Simon Berry (Continuum®) and Neil LaBruce (Hell on Wheels®) are writing it, so I think that it will be pretty cool.  I’m also hoping that the TV series I’m Stunt Coordinating – Lucifer® – comes back for another season. It was just such a pleasure to be a part of.  I’m also going to be Stunt Coordinating an action film called Kavalo® this spring, so I’m looking forward to that. It’s sort of a passion project. It’s being shot in Vancouver and Lucifer® Fight Coordinator Dan Rizzuto (Deadpool®, Jarhead 3®, Vendetta®) is directing it. It will involve a lot of the Vancouver Stunt Community, and will likely feature many of the same performers that you saw in Deadpool®.

Racy New Webseries ‘Swerve’ Premieres


BREAKING NEWS: After receiving an exciting new distribution deal, the YouTube® premiere has been put on hold!

The zany new action/comedy ‘Swerve’ from UBC film graduate Pasha Eshghi is a 6 x 12min webseries premiering on YouTube Thursday, February 25, 2016. The R-rated show stars the hot Alexander Ludwig of ‘Vikings’ and ‘Hunger Games’ fame alongside Louis Dupuis and Al Dales

‘Swerve’ follows the never-ending disasters of Eshghi’s lead character Reuben (Dupuis), a doltish chauffeur who ‘loses’ a bag of the mob’s money after they flag down his limousine as a get-a-way car. In retribution for his loss, mob boss Hermann (Dales) ‘convinces’ Reuben to become his driver, and after witnessing what happens to people who cross the boss, Reuben heartily agrees to his new assignment. The relationship soon sours when Reuben gets on a roll of accidentally murdering people as the series progresses and chaos and calamity erupts everywhere they swerve.

Above: Swerve Trailer (Alexander Ludwig)

Known for his difficult dramatic roles on ‘Vikings’ and ‘Hunger Games’, Ludwig spoke on set about how much he enjoyed playing comedy with Eshghi and Dupuis, best friends of his since high school. “My character Dr. Delucchi is psychotic, the irony being that he is a psychiatrist. He is this eccentric personality who doesn’t follow the rules and takes what he wants. He is an absolute nut job.”

Dr. Delucchi is, of course, poor Reuben’s shrink thus adding great velocity to the downward spiral the young man’s life has taken since he ‘lost’ mob money and later accidentally murdered a mob member.  “I enjoyed everything about working on this series with Alexander and Pasha and I couldn’t imagine doing this with any other director,” says Dupuis. “But the writing process was my favourite part of the process because of the lack of boundaries. We are the type of people to start out with the extremes and dial it back a bit so as not to offend too many people which I like a lot ’cause I’m pretty over the top and don’t have much of a filter.” 

(l) Alexander Ludwig and Sydney Maler

(r) Alexander Ludwig and  Louis Dupuis

“Hermann is a career criminal but he has a good heart as far as homicidal hard-asses go,” says Dales of his mob boss character. “He has a soft spot for his pet limo driver since Reuben saved his life. It’s the same kind of affection that someone might have for a goofy puppy that lasts right up until the 47th time the puppy pees on your favourite suede shoes, only Reuben ain’t peein’ on shoes, he’s accidentally killing my boys.”

The driving force behind all of this frivolity is Eshghi who says that after doing a few short films he was ready to do something bigger. “The web series format of storytelling is a rapidly expanding avenue of filmmaking, but it is still one that is full of untapped potential and so it’s an exciting medium to be a part of.”

Top: Al Dales      Bottom: Alexander Ludwig   photos: Geoff Lister

(l) Pasha Eshghi  (r) Alexander Ludwig   photo: Geoff Lister

Eshghi and Dupuis started writing scripts in September 2014 before going into prep at the end of January 2015. They shot for a total of 18 days but split it into 4-5 day chunks over the course of a few months. “This project would not have been possible had it not been for many friends volunteering countless hours and helping on set, they really did an amazing job,” says a grateful Eshghi. The total budget for the production was $76K, $60K of which was raised privately and an additional $16K was raised through a successful Kickstarter campaign.

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