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F.A.M.E.’US is an online/print magazine that provides an entertaining and interactive platform where artists, fans, enthusiasts and supporters can discover one another, organically. Our quarterly magazine features celebrities on the cover and is a community showcasing various forms of artwork in a comprehensive category, including fashion, lm, arts, music, and events globally. Our publication features articles, fictional stories, essays, poetry, and visual arts with innovative points of view. Our goal is to encourage artists and musicians to take advantage of these opportunities by providing a voice on online and digitally for recognition.

Our readers interaction with the artists, sharing resources, assisting in exposure, and helping the artists with further recognition. Select, nonaligned truly democratic magazine.

Unconstrained self-governing authentic quarterly publication
rooted in Film, Fashion, Art and Music Supporting Artist’s and projects since 2007. An Entertainment and Progressive Publication, adopted/archived/explored from celebrated popular opinions.