Freshest tracks from the wolf himself: Jai Wolf

“I don’t consider myself a DJ. I’m a producer.” In an interview with Sajeeb Saha, also better known as Jai Wolf, the often formed misconceptions and beliefs about electronic dance music (EDM) are broken down.

Performing at some of the largest festivals in the nation, including HARD Summer, Coachella, and Mad Decent Block Party, alongside the most talented within the industry, such as Major Lazer, Porter Robinson, and DJ Mustard, Saha has quickly gained international recognition as his popularity continues to soar beyond his SoundCloud account.

Photo Courtesy of Patrick Tilley

Photo Courtesy of Patrick Tilley

Saha’s passion for music kicked off at an early age, originating from a classical background in violin and orchestra. He then quickly immersed himself into pop punk which evolved into synthesized rock and pop in high school. When EDM and Dubstep started to sweep the charts, Saha began to experiment with Dubstep under his project “No Pets Allowed.” However, as he quickly learned, “it was really hard to cultivate a listener base on the Internet because everyone was doing Dubstep.”

Frustrated with being confined to one genre, Saha created Jai Wolf as a fresh start. He admits that he “doesn’t want to make EDM for the rest of [his] life and wants to make music that matters to [him].” Playing with different remixes and styles to discover what Jai Wolf is all about, Saha shares that it wasn’t until the excited responses to his Dollhouse remix that a clearer direction was paved for Jai Wolf.

When questioned about the often misconceived reputation of EDM, Saha refutes the belief that electronic music is not “real music.” This misjudgment derives from the fundamental production of the music style itself, as EDM is more often than not referred to as dance music. This umbrella term for various subgenres of mixed music heavily took the nation by a turn in the early 2010’s, regenerating the rave culture around the world. Due to the club culture that EDM is most associated with, listeners may not treat it as seriously as they would other genres.

Turning down requests to remix for big stars like Madonna and Selena Gomez, Saha is very particular when picking the songs he wants to use. He seeks for a connection between himself and the lyrics, and on top of that, focuses on melding together the reconstructed and original version of the song to bring the listener into a completely different aura.


Having released two originals up to date, “Indian Summer” and “Drive“– both of which’s unique and catchy melodies quickly garnered an even larger fan base for Jai Wolf– Saha reveals that behind his music is so much more than just beats and sounds that people dance to in group settings.

“EDM listeners are very fickle. They jump ship as soon as something becomes not trendy or un-popular. Artists get quickly forgotten. Whereas I think when people create emotional attachments to more ambient emotionally driven music, I think that that tends to last longer in hearing space.”

Wanting to move along from performing through DJing, Saha looks forward to live electronic performances, greatly emphasizing on his role as a producer, and is determined to drop an album within the next two years. Being highly secretive about his upcoming projects, Saha is excited to show the rest of the world what he has up his sleeves. Having such an immense passion for producing music and connecting to listeners everywhere, Sajeeb Saha and his goals are unstoppable.

Be sure to not miss out on Jai Wolf’s upcoming Kindred’s Spirit Tour this fall and buy tickets before they sell out faster than the beat will drop.

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