FAME’US International Film Festival (SUMMER 2016) – Winners

ongratulations to our FAME’US International Film Festival – SUMMER 2016 session winners !

Please note that our quarterly sessions are not an actual festival event.  Our actual red carpet event will be in December inviting back all of our quarterly winners to compete for the Best of 2016. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful films with us and we wish to have the opportunity to view your future films in the near future.



Anna (France), Feature Film, Jacques Toulemonde

Anna is a young Colombian woman living in Paris, daily struggling with her emotional frailty. She tries to spend more time with her ten-year-old son, Nathan, but Philippe, her former husband, doesn’t trust her anymore and threatens her to take full custody of the child. Having no other choice, she convinces her boyfriend Bruno to help her, and the three of them fly away to Colombia. During this journey, Anna will strive to build a new family, and will face the difficulty of being a mother.

Bad Thing, Good Thing (USA), Student Film, Gregorio Sassoli

Miguel, 14, and his friend Daniel try to get with two girls they like.

Dysgenesis (USA), Short Film, David Flint

Charlie and Amber struggle with heroin addiction and live in an abandoned home in the woods. When tragedy strikes Amber just can’t seem to let go of the past and move on and Charlie is forced to make a hard decision.

In the Shadow of the Mountain (USA), Student Film, Neith Sentis

The sole inhabitants of an old tiny village in the Catalonian Pyrenees will take any opportunity to keep their place alive, when they receive a visit from a couple looking for a house where they can start a family.

La Casa (Argentina), Feature Film, Diego Lerman

Winter’s Journey (Germany),  Short Film, Susanne Boeing

Walter is waiting at the last station of his journey through life. His family and friends all know what is best for him. But in the end they have to understand that his ending belongs only to him.

The Telegram Man (Australia), Short Film, James Francis Khehtie

The Telegram Man explores the impact of World War II on a close-knit Australian farming community.


Acarus Dumdell Reality or Fiction? (Canada), Short Film, Alessandro Cassa
All I Ever Wanted (USA), Feature Film, Markiss McFadden
Dead City Rocker (USA), Feature Documentary, Shane Denhardt/Harris Khan
Elijah’s Ashes (USA), Feature Film, Ryan Barton-Grimley
Kite Zhang’s Kites (Australia), Feature Documentary, Nathan Yun
Most Welcome Breezes: The Story of Marion Manley (USA), Student Film, Ben Manley
O (France), Short Film, July Allard
Our Little Secret (USA), Student Film, Carissa Kacmarek
Sisters (USA), Short Film, David Chontos
The Catcher (USA), Feature Film, Jamie Brindle
Theatre Of Hate (U A), Student Film, Tyna Ezenma
The Pitch (USA), Student Film, Colin Sprigg


Agrinoui (Cyprus), Animation, Alexis Chaviaras
Another Day in Paradise (Switzerland), Animation, Bellopropello
Anywhere But Here (USA), Student Film, Nicolas Suriano
Arizona’s World (USA), Student Film, Zach Bellin
Bedtime (USA), Student Film, Cooper Justus
Brother’s Keeper (USA), Actor, Mason McEwen
Brown Bag (USA), Student Film, Patrick Wirtz
Confession, (USA), Short Film, Sofia Vyshnevetska
Departure (USA), Student Film, Adriana Ledesma
Embrace the Ocean (Taiwan), Feature Documentary, Hui-Jun Wu
Glimpse (USA), Feature Film, Arnon Z. Shorr
Here Be Monsters (USA), Short Film, Alexander McKee
Homeschool Reunion (USA), Short Film, Matt Ritchey
Jat Jatin (India), Feature Documentary, Rajiv Ranjan
Johnny Diggity
(USA), Feature Film, Norman Magden
Journey to Mt. Fuji (Japan), Feature Film, Teruma Kato
Love and She (USA), Feature Film, Ekta Patel
Marking Out (USA), Feature Documentary, Michael Rhodes
Midnight Delight (USA), Feature Film, Rohit Gupta
Minor (USA), Student Film, Boise Esquerra
Perception (USA), Student Film, Graham Burrell
Rhino (USA), Short Film, Syd Boyle
The Last Night Inn (USA), Feature Film, Cynthia Bravo
Toyland (USA), Feature Film, Moses Park
Where R U From (USA), Student Film, Junghyun Park

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